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Gold Moon

Gold Moon



30x24x1.5 inches, oil on the gallery wrapped canvas, wired and ready to hang.

Oil and impasto texture, palette knife.

Relatively recently - some 6-7 thousand years ago - two natural satellites could be seen above our planet. And even earlier, about 4.6 billion years ago, the Earth had three moons. This assumption was made by astronomers, and an article on this topic was published in the journal "Nature".
Our land now has one moon and it is called "Month", but there are ancient sources which claim that once our ancestors admired as many as three moons in the sky and they were called Lelya, Fata and Month.
What is it - fairy tales, fantasy or reality? And if we assume that this is true, then where could two whole moons from heaven have gone?
How does one treat such information - it's up to you

The gold moon will always rise, no matter what. 2020

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